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These Calculators can be used to help you find answers to your money questions.  The links will take to the site where the calculators are made available free of charge.

The Mortgage Payoff Calculator is used to determine your current mortgage payoff schedule based on a fixed interest. You can choose to pay off your loan altogether, and see the costs, or view the effects of an additional monthly payment. This calculator can also give out the interest saved and the new loan schedule

How much will my mortgage be?  Determine how much your mortgage might be, with different down payments and interest rates. 

You can use the House Affordability Calculator to estimate the amount you can spend on a house, based on your annual income. 

Maybe it's time to get those credit cards paid off, so you can escape debtors prison. The Credit Cards Payoff Calculator designed for paying back multiple credit cards based on the amount you can afford monthly as well as the balance, interest and minimum payments of your credit cards. 

Use this Take-Home-Paycheck Calculator to estimate the paycheck you bring home after taxes and deductions from your salary.

The College Cost Calculator can help you to estimate what your college education will cost, and how much you will have to save up for it. You can consider the monthly equivalent saving amount considering the average cost, cost increase rate, the time, as well as interest rate and tax rate.

Find even more calculators to help you answer your financial questions over at

Want to improve your personal finances? Start by taking this Risk Tolerance Quiz to get an idea of your risk tolerance--one of the fundamental issues to consider when planning your investment strategy. Provided by Rutgers University

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