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Financial Services  Industry Training

A Sampling of Our Training Seminars 

Financial Planning Industry

Here's that quick overview of the financial planning industry you have been looking for and it's part of the continuing series of industry overviews for anyone interested in the financial services industry.  Contact us today to learn how we can custom design training for you.

Intro to Financial Planning.png

Insurance Industry Overview

This presentation is part of our continuing series of training modules for the Financial Services Industry. The Insurance Industry Overview module provides a quick look at products offered by insurance companies and how insurance companies are organized. We provide training in a wide range of topics targeted at the business lines of financial services companies. Contact us for a quote or a needs analysis.

Insurance Industry Overview.png

Mortgage Banking

Mortgage Banking Seminar is part of the continuing series of training presentations for the Financial Services Industry. Check out our other presentations in this series and contact Saunders Learning Group if you have training needs. We can help, we have been doing training in the financial services industry for 30 years.

Motgage Banking .png

The Business of Banking 

This is a overview of the business of banking, including retail, business and investment banking. Also introductions to other financial services: credit cards, credit rating agencies, mutual funds and the business processes used to process loan transactions, credit card payments, and a range of other banking services and products.  We can provide your organization the training you need, customized for your company. 

Business of Banking .png

Retail Banking

A concise overview of the retail banking business in the United States. Part of a continuing series of presentations on the financial services industry. 

We can bring more than 30 years of experience working across the financial services industry to develop training  programs specific to your needs. 

Retail Banking .png

Credit Unions Overview

Here's a quick overview of Credit Unions for anyone who would like to understand this type of financial services firm. Member owned, with products that are typical to banks. Perfect introduction to use for new customers. We can add to or modify this presentation for any credit union that would like a custom version for educating community groups. Contact us 316 680 6482.

Credit Unions.png
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