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Custom Training Development

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At Saunders Learning Group we work closely with clients during the training development lifecycle to identify training needs, create training courses or opportunities, deliver the training, and evaluate what employees learned.


As businesses grow and new training needs arise, we repeat the process to closely match our programs to your needs.

Seminars and Workshops 

All of our seminars and workshops are developed for clients based on our broad experience in the financial services industry.   

Ask us to bid on your training needs: 316-680-6482

Summary of Training Experience

Expertise developed as an instructional designer, course developer and trainer, publisher of books, podcasts & radio producer/host, creator of online courses, and video production.

As an instructional designer/training development consultant: work with clients to define training needs, then design, develop and deliver training in a wide-range of courses including:


Executive Problem Solving and Decision-Making, Management Development, Leadership, Process Management Skills.

Manager for sales marketing and influence management courses.

As a developer and trainer, financial services industry courses:


Capital Markets, The Business of Banking, Mortgage Loan Origination and Processing.

Private Banking Credit Training, Private Banking Customer Service Training.


Banking Product Knowledge, Corporate Finance and Personal Money Management


Principles of Banking, Money and Banking, Introduction to Securities, Investing in Securities, and Banking on Mutual Funds and Annuities.

Additional training development experience for courses in:


Program and Project management: Managing Project Managers, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Innovation for Project Managers, Finance for Project Managers, Scope Management, Project Leadership, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Contracting for Project Managers, Contract administration and Negotiation of Contracts for Services.

Author of:

Figuring Out Wall Street, Family Financial Freedom, College Without Ramen Noodles, Five Paths to Wealth, Investing for Beginners.


Producer and Host of the Really Simple Investing Podcast.

Producer and co-host of Saunders and Cash, a radio show and podcast interviewing entrepreneurs and technology leaders. Produced 70 episodes and developed a global audience for a radio show on KSUN 95.1 and podcast.

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