Seminars and Workshops

Saunders Learning Group provides a variety of training programs, workshops and seminars targeted to teaching individuals and groups about the basics of personal investing and money management.


  Programs are available in a wide range of topics, and we are specialists in developing custom programs that are targeted to your needs.


Contact the founder, Floyd Saunders at

 316-680-6482 or at
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This is our seminar from Floyd's book "Family Financial Freedom . You will learn:

1.  The Roadblocks to financial freedom

2.  The process you can apply to be more financially secure

3.  How the simple Rule of 72 to affects  you

4.  Turning your financial goals into realities

This is our basic seminar on getting started on the path toward financial security. You will learn:

1. The value of building a emergency savings fund

2.  How to start setting personal financial goals

3.  How interest-bearing accounts help your money grow.

4.  How to balance the risks and rewards of investing

5.  Accounts that help you save for retirement